The Perfect Golf Swing. 4 Essential Tips To Transform Your Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing

Check that your golf fundamentals are correct before you attempt to swing the golf club. There is a good reason why they are called the fundamentals. It is because they are fundamental to your chances of being able to play golf. I know it sounds obvious but it is amazing how many of us try to play golf when so much of the stuff that is easy to get right, we ignore.

Millions of golfers all over the world are attempting to play golf while paying little attention to their fundamentals. What do you think is the one thing that all golf professionals have in common? You’ve guessed it. They all have great fundamentals. You will see them on practice tees constantly checking that their fundamentals are sound. So why not follow their example.

o      Check your alignment. Make sure that your club face, feet, knees, hips and shoulders are pointing towards your intended target before you commence your swing. When practising , use clubs or sticks  to help with your alignment. Place them along your toes and along the intended target line of the ball.

o      Usually, your feet will be shoulder width apart. With your knees slightly bent. A good drill to make sure you are in the correct position is to stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Grip the golf club as normal and hold it out in front of you at arms length. Slightly flex your knees. Bend forward from the waist, while still holding out the club, until your club comes to rest on the ground. This is now your correct position. The ball position and stance will vary slightly depending on the club you are playing and the type of shot you are attempting but that is something to be tackled at a later date once the basic stance is perfected.

o      Your posture will be dictated by your stance to a certain degree. Try to keep as tall as possible and keep your back straight. Try sticking your backside out a little and lift your chin slightly. This will help to keep you “tall” and give you room to swing the golf club.

o      Make sure that your grip is correct. Grip the club in your left hand. The v/ line formed by your thumb and forefinger should be pointing towards your right eye. Make sure the club is gripped mainly in your fingers.  Place your right hand on top of your left.  Make sure that the v/line created by your right thumb and forefinger is also pointing towards your right eye. Keep the grip pressure fairly light. A tight grip will cause tension in your shoulders.  Keep everything as relaxed as possible.

I know it is easy to fall back into old habits or back to positions that feel comfortable. Changing any bad habit is difficult. But there are good reasons why so many of you are struggling with your golf game and a lot of the time problems can be traced back to poor fundamentals.

These are all things that can be perfected at home. You cannot expect to improve unless your fundamentals are correct. You must persist with the correct fundamentals regardless of how uncomfortable they feel. Do otherwise and you will never play better golf.

I have a great putting tip to come next.

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