Golf Downswing:Can I Master The Golf Downswing More Quickly?

I have spent alot of time recently reading everything that is available at the minute on the net concerning golf swing courses in general and the golf downswing in particular. My overwhelming impression is how complicated it all is. I don’t know about you but by the time I work out what people are trying to tell me, I have lost the will to live. It shouldn’t be like that.

Most of us get discouraged if we don’t see improvements in our golf game quickly. Most of us respond better if we can see immediate results. There is no reason why making improvements to our golf games should be so difficult.

The reason so many of us struggle with our golf downswing is that coaches and pros are so hooked on modern video analysis  and modern teaching techniques that they forget that most of us are neither physically or mentally capable of understanding or executing what they are trying to teach us.

I’m sure you have been through it. You make a few swings and hit a few balls. The pro records it. He then plays it back and draws lines and angles on the screen showing you how your posture is wrong, how your alignment is out, how your back swing is too far inside, how you are across the line at the top, how your golf downswing is going from out to in.

He shows you Luke Donald’s or Tiger Wood’s swing and tells you what you should be doing to correct your mistakes. He tells you to go and work on what he has shown you for the next session. Thats $30 please and I’ll see you next week.

This is all very well if you have the time to put in the hours of practice all the things he told you to work on before the next session. This is all very well if you have the money to keep paying him for the many lessons you need before you see any signififcant improvement in your golf game.

It doesn’t have to be as expensive or as complicated as most pros make it. Most of us will respond more easily and more quickly to a much simpler system. That is why I highly recommend the Simple Golf Swing. which takes a very simple core golf swing which we are all capable of mastering and shows us in easy to understand steps how to develop it very quickly so that we can improve our scores by between 7 and 12 strokes in a few weeks.

I have reviewed the Simple Golf Swing in much more detail in another post. (click here for the full review) I am convinced that for the price of a few golf lessons from your local golf pro, this course will see improvements in your golf game and your scores that would take your golf pro many more weeks and much more money to match.