Master The Golf Downswing And Take 8 Shots Off Your Handicap In Record Time!

Hi everybody. My main reason for setting up this website on the Golf Downswing was to share my experiences with others who had become frustrated with making little progress with their golf game. My problem area was always the transition from the back swing to the downswing. My tendency was to swing across the line, usually resulting in a slice which ranged from a gentle fade to a huge, high cut that went nowhere. I needed to find a cure quickly if I was to improve.

I hope you have enjoyed all my golf tips so far. I firmly believe in them. They have worked for me. I honestly have come down to a 9 handicap after being at 21 for quite a while. My ambition now is to get down to 5…… or better within a year. I firmly believe I can achieve that ambition especially now that I am armed with my new swing and I will share my secrets with you now

I do have a confession to make, however. I cannot take all the credit myself. I have had help. After a lot of research on the net and after trying all sorts of golf systems and golf tips,  I came across a website that promised to “take 12 shots off anyone’s handicap” and “play the best golf of your life within two weeks”.  It promised to sort all my problems.  The site was The Simple Golf Swing. I decided to check it out and this is my honest assessment of what I discovered.

The first thing that struck me was several very big claims made by the author:-

o You’ll hit the ball straighter and further than you ever hit before.

o You’ll hit with greater distance and accuracy every time.

o You’ll hit more greens and get the ball consistently close to the pin.

o You’ll wonder what ever happened to that awful slice you used to have.

o You’ll gain a new outlook on golf with greater confidence in your game. Because you’re armed with a proven system that actually works!

o You’ll learn the Simple Golf Swing in just three hours.

o You’ll lower your score by at least seven strokes within the first two rounds.

o You’ll start playing the best golf of your life by week two.

o You’ll drop at least 12 strokes off your handicap at the end of two weeks.

o You’ll be a different golfer in a month. That old bogey plus golfer that was you will be totally transformed.

I wasn’t naïve enough to believe these claims initially and I don’t believe you should either. Golf‘s not that easy, at least not for me. It is never easy to change bad habits. However, I was reassured by the feedback on the site. Lots of people had made huge improvements to their golf games in a short period of time.

Just to reassure you, I did follow the system to the letter and I did see some very significant improvements within the first 2 weeks and I have since taken 8 shots off my handicap. Discover how I did that by clicking here.

Most of the claims made by the author are absolutely possible. The only slight negative feedback I have is how quickly the improvements can be made. With that said, golfers of all abilities can benefit by following the simple system.

One of the most important secrets in golf is understanding where you are going wrong with your golf swing and then being able to fix it quickly. This is where the Simple Golf Swing comes into its own. It is simple enough that anyone can understand the swing, duplicate it and fix it! It will save you years of frustration. It will teach you a simple swing which will promote consistency and confidence.

The whole process of learning the Simple Golf Swing is made easier because there are videos to walk you through the whole process. I don’t know about you but I learn much faster if I can see what I am being taught and this is a huge plus for the course.

I cannot recommend the Simple Golf swing highly enough. Whether you are struggling with your putting or your iron play or, like me, the golf downswing this course will definitely help.  I’m sure you will agree there is no better feeling than playing good golf and seeing your handicap come tumbling down. Have a look at The Simple Golf Swing by clicking here and see for yourself how easy it can be.

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