Golf Downswing Problems? Never Again!

Do you know what is causing your golf downswing problems? Are you certain that it is the golf downswing that is the real problem? I suspect the answer is no.

The reason the answer is no is because the golf swing is a relatively complex skill. It consists of several components all of  which must function well together to produce a successful outcome. Very often one problem leads to another which leads to another which leads to another………

Unless the original problem is identified then the rest of the swing cannot ever function properly. That is why it is necessary to strip it all back and make sure each individual element of your swing is working correctly (and that includes the golf downswing). Do this and you will have a sound, repeatable swing which will perform in any and all circumstances.

Play The Best Golf Of Your Life In Two Weeks

Now what if I told you that there was a way to achieve all of this and have you playing the best golf of your life in two weeks.

How would you feel about stepping onto the first tee with the confidence to know that you are armed with a game that will allow you to…………

  • Hit the ball straighter and further (probably than you ever have hit it before)
  •  Hit with greater accuracy and distance.
  •  Hit more greens and get the ball consistently close to the pin.
  •  Lose any slice (or hook) that you had.
  •  Gain a whole new outlook and appreciation for the great game of golf…………….

All in two weeks!

All of this can be achieved much more quickly than you ever thought possible. There is a method that has given golfers around the world a newfound confidence every time they step up to the ball, empowering them to spend their time playing and enjoying the game they love, rather than practicing long, frustrating hours without noticing any obvious improvements.

Let me introduce you to The Simple Golf Swing System

This is a revolutionary new system that breaks the swing down into five simple steps every golfer can master in a surprisingly short period of time (TESTIMONIALS?)

The secret to this system lies in its utter simplicity. Yes. SIMPLE really is the keyword.

And when I say “simple” I mean REALLY simple.

This system is so simple and easy to put into practice that many have been able to use it on the course in as little as three hours.

Golfers of all abilities can and do benefit from this system, particularly those of a 12 handicap or above. Generally the higher the handicap the faster and more noticeable the improvement.

There is no hype with this system. There are no false claims of hitting the ball 300 yards. What you will get are sound, genuine  and consistent results

So Could  The Simple Golf Swing System Be The Answer To Your Golf Downswing Problems?

I sincerely hope so. In fact, the Simple Golf Swing System team is so confident that it will work for you that it offers a sixty day risk free guarantee.

Additionally, once you have learned the system you will be able to proactively evaluate each shot you make and be able to understand where any problems lie. A good adage to remember is “Don’t try and work out what you did wrong. Focus on what you should have done right.”

Three Huge Benefits The Simple Golf Swing System Provides

Big Benefit 1: It will save you money.

An average lesson costs around $100 an hour. How many lessons do you think you are going to need to be able to play the golf game you have dreamed of? To get to that stage with a pro will be serious money. This system is the most cost effective way to play better golf.

Big Benefit 2: It will save you time.

Trying to master the golf swing is a difficult business even for the pros. It requires hours and hours of dedicated practice. This is not a realistic scenario for the average golfer and this is where the problem lies. To get to a stage where a new skill becomes automatic requires hours of practice and repetition. Because you have neither the time or opportunity to dedicate yourself to this volume of practice means your lessons are doomed to failure before they start.

You are now on the road to a golfing lifetime of failure and frustration. (It’s also why overall handicap levels have NOT decreased over the past two decades despite improved technology.) How so? Once a lesson is over, unless you are with your pro every few days, you will slowly slip back into your old ways and bad habits before you have the chance to achieve any long term improvement.

With the Simple Golf Swing, all the “uncalled for” movements of the swing are removed.  It is an accepted fact that the average golfer will play his/her best golf when he/she has the least to think about. So rather than being paralyzed by having too many swing thoughts to remember you will be freed up by a simple system.

Big Benefit 3: It will save your sanity.

You know how it goes. One day you are playing like Luke Donald and the next day you are playing like Donald Duck. Sometimes you feel you are swinging well…….. until the next shot you hit sails into the woods and from then on you play like a 36 handicapper. Then the frustration sets in. Building up more and more until you wonder why you ever started playing golf in the first place.  Wasn’t golf supposed to be fun?

Once you learn this system, you will give yourself the opportunity to play the best golf of your life…… as little as TWO weeks. Imagine what that will feel like.

And here’s what else you get:-

  •  Lifetime Upgrades to the simple golf swing system
  • The Simple Chip book
  • Mike Pedersens Fit to The Tee Book
  • Training Aids you can Make at Home Book
  • Putting Tips and the Short Game book
  • Mental Golf Fitness book
  • How to Get Out Of The Sand book
  • Secrets from the game’s longest hitter book
  • and a few hidden bonuses as well which you will get inside

You owe it to yourself and to your game. For a free introduction to The Simple Golf Swing click on the banner below now!
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Golf Downswing:Can I Master The Golf Downswing More Quickly?

I have spent alot of time recently reading everything that is available at the minute on the net concerning golf swing courses in general and the golf downswing in particular. My overwhelming impression is how complicated it all is. I don’t know about you but by the time I work out what people are trying to tell me, I have lost the will to live. It shouldn’t be like that.

Most of us get discouraged if we don’t see improvements in our golf game quickly. Most of us respond better if we can see immediate results. There is no reason why making improvements to our golf games should be so difficult.

The reason so many of us struggle with our golf downswing is that coaches and pros are so hooked on modern video analysis  and modern teaching techniques that they forget that most of us are neither physically or mentally capable of understanding or executing what they are trying to teach us.

I’m sure you have been through it. You make a few swings and hit a few balls. The pro records it. He then plays it back and draws lines and angles on the screen showing you how your posture is wrong, how your alignment is out, how your back swing is too far inside, how you are across the line at the top, how your golf downswing is going from out to in.

He shows you Luke Donald’s or Tiger Wood’s swing and tells you what you should be doing to correct your mistakes. He tells you to go and work on what he has shown you for the next session. Thats $30 please and I’ll see you next week.

This is all very well if you have the time to put in the hours of practice all the things he told you to work on before the next session. This is all very well if you have the money to keep paying him for the many lessons you need before you see any signififcant improvement in your golf game.

It doesn’t have to be as expensive or as complicated as most pros make it. Most of us will respond more easily and more quickly to a much simpler system. That is why I highly recommend the Simple Golf Swing. which takes a very simple core golf swing which we are all capable of mastering and shows us in easy to understand steps how to develop it very quickly so that we can improve our scores by between 7 and 12 strokes in a few weeks.

I have reviewed the Simple Golf Swing in much more detail in another post. (click here for the full review) I am convinced that for the price of a few golf lessons from your local golf pro, this course will see improvements in your golf game and your scores that would take your golf pro many more weeks and much more money to match.




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Master The Golf Downswing And Take 8 Shots Off Your Handicap In Record Time!

Hi everybody. My main reason for setting up this website on the Golf Downswing was to share my experiences with others who had become frustrated with making little progress with their golf game. My problem area was always the transition from the back swing to the downswing. My tendency was to swing across the line, usually resulting in a slice which ranged from a gentle fade to a huge, high cut that went nowhere. I needed to find a cure quickly if I was to improve.

I hope you have enjoyed all my golf tips so far. I firmly believe in them. They have worked for me. I honestly have come down to a 9 handicap after being at 21 for quite a while. My ambition now is to get down to 5…… or better within a year. I firmly believe I can achieve that ambition especially now that I am armed with my new swing and I will share my secrets with you now

I do have a confession to make, however. I cannot take all the credit myself. I have had help. After a lot of research on the net and after trying all sorts of golf systems and golf tips,  I came across a website that promised to “take 12 shots off anyone’s handicap” and “play the best golf of your life within two weeks”.  It promised to sort all my problems.  The site was The Simple Golf Swing. I decided to check it out and this is my honest assessment of what I discovered.

The first thing that struck me was several very big claims made by the author:-

o You’ll hit the ball straighter and further than you ever hit before.

o You’ll hit with greater distance and accuracy every time.

o You’ll hit more greens and get the ball consistently close to the pin.

o You’ll wonder what ever happened to that awful slice you used to have.

o You’ll gain a new outlook on golf with greater confidence in your game. Because you’re armed with a proven system that actually works!

o You’ll learn the Simple Golf Swing in just three hours.

o You’ll lower your score by at least seven strokes within the first two rounds.

o You’ll start playing the best golf of your life by week two.

o You’ll drop at least 12 strokes off your handicap at the end of two weeks.

o You’ll be a different golfer in a month. That old bogey plus golfer that was you will be totally transformed.

I wasn’t naïve enough to believe these claims initially and I don’t believe you should either. Golf‘s not that easy, at least not for me. It is never easy to change bad habits. However, I was reassured by the feedback on the site. Lots of people had made huge improvements to their golf games in a short period of time.

Just to reassure you, I did follow the system to the letter and I did see some very significant improvements within the first 2 weeks and I have since taken 8 shots off my handicap. Discover how I did that by clicking here.

Most of the claims made by the author are absolutely possible. The only slight negative feedback I have is how quickly the improvements can be made. With that said, golfers of all abilities can benefit by following the simple system.

One of the most important secrets in golf is understanding where you are going wrong with your golf swing and then being able to fix it quickly. This is where the Simple Golf Swing comes into its own. It is simple enough that anyone can understand the swing, duplicate it and fix it! It will save you years of frustration. It will teach you a simple swing which will promote consistency and confidence.

The whole process of learning the Simple Golf Swing is made easier because there are videos to walk you through the whole process. I don’t know about you but I learn much faster if I can see what I am being taught and this is a huge plus for the course.

I cannot recommend the Simple Golf swing highly enough. Whether you are struggling with your putting or your iron play or, like me, the golf downswing this course will definitely help.  I’m sure you will agree there is no better feeling than playing good golf and seeing your handicap come tumbling down. Have a look at The Simple Golf Swing by clicking here and see for yourself how easy it can be.

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The Perfect Golf Swing. 4 Essential Tips To Transform Your Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing

Check that your golf fundamentals are correct before you attempt to swing the golf club. There is a good reason why they are called the fundamentals. It is because they are fundamental to your chances of being able to play golf. I know it sounds obvious but it is amazing how many of us try to play golf when so much of the stuff that is easy to get right, we ignore.

Millions of golfers all over the world are attempting to play golf while paying little attention to their fundamentals. What do you think is the one thing that all golf professionals have in common? You’ve guessed it. They all have great fundamentals. You will see them on practice tees constantly checking that their fundamentals are sound. So why not follow their example.

o      Check your alignment. Make sure that your club face, feet, knees, hips and shoulders are pointing towards your intended target before you commence your swing. When practising , use clubs or sticks  to help with your alignment. Place them along your toes and along the intended target line of the ball.

o      Usually, your feet will be shoulder width apart. With your knees slightly bent. A good drill to make sure you are in the correct position is to stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Grip the golf club as normal and hold it out in front of you at arms length. Slightly flex your knees. Bend forward from the waist, while still holding out the club, until your club comes to rest on the ground. This is now your correct position. The ball position and stance will vary slightly depending on the club you are playing and the type of shot you are attempting but that is something to be tackled at a later date once the basic stance is perfected.

o      Your posture will be dictated by your stance to a certain degree. Try to keep as tall as possible and keep your back straight. Try sticking your backside out a little and lift your chin slightly. This will help to keep you “tall” and give you room to swing the golf club.

o      Make sure that your grip is correct. Grip the club in your left hand. The v/ line formed by your thumb and forefinger should be pointing towards your right eye. Make sure the club is gripped mainly in your fingers.  Place your right hand on top of your left.  Make sure that the v/line created by your right thumb and forefinger is also pointing towards your right eye. Keep the grip pressure fairly light. A tight grip will cause tension in your shoulders.  Keep everything as relaxed as possible.

I know it is easy to fall back into old habits or back to positions that feel comfortable. Changing any bad habit is difficult. But there are good reasons why so many of you are struggling with your golf game and a lot of the time problems can be traced back to poor fundamentals.

These are all things that can be perfected at home. You cannot expect to improve unless your fundamentals are correct. You must persist with the correct fundamentals regardless of how uncomfortable they feel. Do otherwise and you will never play better golf.

I have a great putting tip to come next.

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Golf Downswing: The Most Important Move In Golf

Golf Downswing

The golf downswing is absolutely and without doubt THE most important move in golf. It doesn’t matter what precedes it. If the downswing is not right, it doesn’t matter how good your grip is or how perfect your alignment is or how flawless your backswing is. If your downswing is wrong, everything else is wasted. Everything we do before we commence the downswing (the grip, the stance, alignment, takeaway, backswing) is preparation for enabling us to make the golf swing as perfect a golf swing as possible.

The most common mistake golfers make is to initiate the downswing with the arms or shoulders. What this usually creates is an “out to in” motion, which causes us to swing across the intended target line. To compensate for this, we have to open up the club face to allow the ball to get back on target, which creates side spin which creates that destructive slice. If like me your natural swing is a fade/slice you will know how difficult things can get when playing into a head wind or a left to right wind. The other problem this can cause is if we do NOT open the club face to compensate. Result. A pull shot to the left .

The downswing should be the very natural result of everything that precedes it. It should start form the ground up. The first movement should be made with the legs. Once we are in that perfect position at the top of the swing, the downswing should commence.

Golf Tip #1  A good trigger motion is to move the right knee towards the left knee and plant the left foot flat on the ground. Planting that left foot begins the process of your body uncoiling and your weight will begin to shift to the left side.

Golf Tip #2  Practice this trigger motion without a ball. Rehearse that feeling of moving the right knee and planting the left foot flat on the ground. Repeat it until it becomes natural, until you don’t have to think about it.

What you will achieve here is to leave the upper body behind. i.e the lower body has moved but the upper body has not yet begun the downswing.  This feeling is what is called the coil and this is where all your power comes from.

The body should then follow naturally to complete the swing.  Be relaxed.  Let the swing flow. Try only to have one swing thought. Too may golf drills and swing thoughts in your head at any one time will only make things more difficult.  Master this one aspect of the swing and then we can work on improving other aspects of the golf swing at a later stage.

Be aware that there is much more to the perfect golf swing than just the downswing but mastering the perfect golf downswing will greatly improve your game and improve your chances of getting that handicap tumbling downwards.

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